Book of the moment: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book has been a complete game changer for me.  I’ve recently re-read parts of it (and I rarely re-read books!) Since reading this I’ve gone from someone who had no time for creativity and saw it as a waste of time, to making my own candles, designing my own Christmas cards and learning how to make sourdough bread (none of these particularly well, but that isn’t the point!) More importantly, this book inspired me to have the confidence to start working on these new projects, and to give things a try . I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether you are a “creative person” or not… Elizabeth Gilbert writes so beautifully and powerfully that it was hard to put down, and equally as hard to ignore her strong message

Have you read it?  What was your experience?


What  else have you been reading recently? Let me know!

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