Grounding Breath Meditation

Grounding Breath Meditation

This simple breathing meditation is perfect for whenever you need to feel present and grounded… can do this anywhere or anytime that you need, or use it as a more formal meditation for a longer period of time.

Become aware of the sensations of your body, your connection with the ground, your chair or wherever you are resting or standing. Bring your attention to your posture, noticing any tightness, tension or areas of holding.

Start to become aware of your breathing – the sensation of air entering nose and throat as you inhale, and how it feels when you exhale. Notice the rhythm of the breath and how it feels in the chest and the abdomen. You don’t need to change anything – just notice it as it is. Silently imagine label the inhale “in” and the exhale as “out”.

Continue with “in” and “out” on each inhale and exhale for as long as you need. When you become distracted or carried away by thought (as happens naturally), just come back to the breath whenever you notice this and back to “in” or “out”.

Continue this for as long as you need to – starting off with 1 minute and increasing up from there.It’s very simple but can be extremely effective at calming the mind and also the physical sensations of anxiety.

Let me know how you get on. Love Rachael x