Concessionary pricing for group classes

I offer discretionary concessionary pricing for my Wednesday Mindful Yoga and Monday Yoga for Women classes in Chorlton for those whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from attending classes at the full price.

Concessions are £36 for the class pass and £7 for a single class – discount accessed via coupon code on the booking system.  

I have decided to not label who might use the concessionary price as my experience is that this can often mean that people who do not fall into a listed category don’t feel comfortable in accessing the concessionary price, and just because someone for example, has a label as a “student” for example, this doesn’t automatically reflect their financial situation; similarly, someone working full time may not have the financial means to attend classes – everyone’s situation is individual.

So, if you need concessionary pricing, even if you don’t fall into a typical category for this, then please, please use this – no-one else will know apart from me.  You can access this by entering the coupon code at checkout (you will see the coupon code in the booking notes).  It’s also ok to use this occasionally if you need at that particular time.

If you don’t need concessionary pricing, then I respectfully request that you don’t use this, so that I can continue to offer this to others to try and make my yoga classes as accessible as possible.

If the concessionary price is still unaccessible, please contact me and I am happy to discuss how we can make this work – I really feel that financial issues shouldn’t be a barrier to practising yoga.