I went along to my first yoga class twelve years ago and was intrigued by how it transformed my busy mind and let me find some calm. Over the years I have practised a variety of styles of yoga including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga vinyasa and restorative. 

I went on to do my 200 hour teacher training with Vicki Shields at Evolve Yoga which (amongst many things) allowed me to explore pranayama and the positive effect of using the breath on the body and mind. My personal practice continues to evolve based on my own learning and experience over the years thanks to the wonderful teachers I have been fortunate to study with so far on this journey, including the wonderful Jane Craggs and also Charlene McCauley.  

Through my work as an NHS healthcare professional I am confronted on a daily basis by how the impact of our fast paced modern lifestyle leads to a disconnect between the body and mind. This means it is difficult for us to notice and give ourselves what we really, truly need (whether sleep, rest, exercise, nourishing food, connection with others, or something else). Over time, this has a negative impact on our mental and physical health.  My personal experience is that yoga helps us to counteract this – it gives us space to slow down and connect with ourselves and the world around us with compassion and intention.  

My practice has helped keep me to manage my own physical and emotional health and has led me to become passionate about sharing and teaching yoga, so that others can become empowered to use the positive effects of yoga in helping to support their own health and general wellbeing.  I am developing my knowledge and skills in using yoga therapeutically to help others to manage their specific symptoms and health problems (as an adjunct to traditional medical approaches) and have a particular interest in using yoga and other wellbeing practices to help improve sleep.  

I endeavour to make yoga as accessible to all as is possible.  My classes incorporate mindful movement and breathwork with the aim of providing students with a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience.