I help women make embodied changes so they can find fulfillment and flow in their lives and their work

Perhaps your life is outwardly ok, or even great, but something feels a little ‘off… You’ve worked hard to get to where you are but somehow you aren’t feeling fulfilled and you know that there is more to life.  

Maybe you feel that although on paper you have achieved “success”, this wasn’t how you imagined it to feel, and you are wondering what on earth to do now…

You find yourself too busy to enjoy things – your work, your family, your time off.  Perhaps you are feeling disconnected from yourself, your body and your needs. You aren’t unhappy but sometimes you feel that you are going through the motions and there doesn’t seem to be much sparkle or joy in your life anymore.

You know that you want to slow down to find some space, so that you can feel calmer and more connected to the important things in life.

Perhaps you over-work as you feel “safe” when you are productive and busy.  Or maybe you use other habits to distract yourself from the discomfort of knowing that you want more than this.  

You feel guilty for wanting “more” yet you know that this sense of low level dissatisfaction feels so heavy to carry around.  

You feel stuck and yet the easy option is to just carry on as you are.  But this starts to feel less and less easy as time goes on, and your comfort zone is feeling less and less comfortable…

You know that there is another way.    

You long to pause and find some space for joy in your life.  

You want to feel fulfilled and more connected to what’s important
– you, your loved one’s, your purpose  

You want to be able to find the self trust to live life the way that you want to.  To reconnect with your intuition and feel empowered to make the changes that you need – but this time from a place of true nourishment, deep knowing and self trust –  rather than self flagellation. 

“You have been transformational – you have helped me find my sparkles”

Amy M

“Rachael provides such a supportive, open space and is able to meet you where you are at on any given day. She prescribes the perfect dose of a listening ear, useful prompts to get you thinking and guided exercises that help you connect and slow down to notice what’s really going on. Rachael’s coaching sessions were exactly what I needed in a time where everything felt overwhelming and chaotic. By the end of our sessions I feel I have got more of a balance in life and can prioritise myself and wellbeing without life falling out of control too”

Kirsty L

“I would describe you as a calming and insightful influence. You were able to gently steer me to reach conclusions about my own feelings that I hadn’t been able to unpick on my own and your practical practices were great for feeling into my anxiety, accepting it’s presence and working through it”

Laura D

Hello there, I’m Rachael….

I help women like you make embodied changes so they can find fulfilment in their lives and their work.  

I know what it’s like to realise that even though you have everything that you thought you wanted in life, you don’t have the sense of fulfilment you thought you would.  Over 4 years ago, I had everything I could have possibly dreamed of.  I loved my work as a healthcare professional, a career I had worked so hard for.  I found it rewarding, but there was something missing.  

The last few years have involved embracing my values and my need for fulfilment in my work, alongside lots of studying, learning and exploring, and embodying the changes I needed to make to step into a portfolio/multipassionate career.   I’m now very happy to say that my professional life is a vibrant mix of meaningful work that I love doing that is aligned with my purpose and my values.   I’ve also learnt to embrace my need to slow down and to live more in line with my cycles and seasons, which ironically has helped me to achieve more.  

My personal experiences in finding fulfilment in my work, and how this has had such as huge impact on my overall wellbeing, happiness and how I am able to show up for other people led me to focus my coaching on helping other women to find fulfilment.  Everybody has a different story and a different journey, and yet we often all share similar aspirations and dreams.   

I’m a qualified and fully insured somatic life coach alongside my work as a yoga teacher and healthcare professional.   I have years of experience of working with people and their personal stories and supporting them to make changes.  

“Embodiment is the key to lasting change” 

How I help:

I help you to examine where you are right now and explore what a fulfilled life looks like for you. That might be clear from the outset…or you might you have no idea…!  Our work together helps you embrace where you currently are and empowers you to embody the changes in your life and your work you are looking for. 

I work with women who usually identify with one of the below situations:

  • They know exactly what their version of fulfilment looks like for them in their personal and/or work life and what changes they need to make.  They want to work with me to support them in making this a reality.
  • Or they have no idea what fulfilment looks like for them, but know that things aren’t working for them right now.  We spend time exploring exactly what they are looking for, what this might look like realistically and take action to make this happen.
  • I also work with women who are already fulfilled in what they do and their day to day lives but who are feeling exhausted and are wondering if feeling overworked and constantly busy is the price they have to pay for their success.    I help these women to pause and to give them selves the care and support that they need.  They begin to embrace their own sense of internal resource, their sense of self sovereignty and agency and start to honour their own seasons and cycles to create sustainable and self generating fulfilment.  This ultimately helps them to deeply embody their sense of purpose and gives them the capacity to expand further.  

Whole-bodied Fulfilment:  A 1:1 4 month bespoke coaching experience

Embrace. Emerge. Empower. Embody


who you truly are, exactly where you are right now. Embrace what you truly need, and what you are looking for without ignoring who you are right now. Find relationship with your self, your body, your cycles and seasons.


allow your dreams and visions to emerge.  Find what fulfillment means to you.  Discover your strengths, your values and your purpose and your intuition and allow these to blossom and expand into your day to day life.  


feel empowered by deep self trust and self-worth.. Feel empowered by your ability to take care of your own needs and make the changes that you need, driven from within.


the changes and shifts that take you to where you to where you want to be.  Feel and experience in your body what it feels like to find your flow and live a fulfilled life.

This is for you if…

  • You are ready to find fulfilment
  • You are willing and ready to make some changes to your life.  
  • You are willing to trust that things can be different 
  • You are open to trying new things and ways of being 
  • You have tried to do it on your own before and found that not much changed in the long term
  • You are looking for an integrated approach of somatic, embodiment and more traditional coaching techniques
  • You value a supportive and sustainable approach – nourishment over flagellation.  
  • You believe that a co-creative, collaborative and non directive coaching approach would work best for you.  
  • You believe that change takes place over time and you are happy to explore suggestions of practices, actions and experiments between sessions to support you in finding fulfilment

This is not for you right now if…

  • You aren’t willing to consider that things could be different
  • You want someone to tell you what to do and exactly how to do it
  • You believe you need to be “fixed”
  • You aren’t ready to invest in yourself, either with time or financial resources.  
  • You don’t believe in an integrated approach – you believe that all we need to do is to feel motivated and try harder to achieve success.  
  • You aren’t able to take responsibility for taking gentle action and want to rely on someone else to keep you accountable
  • You are looking for a directive coaching approach and to be bombarded with lots of written “homework” to do between sessions

I offer non directive, body oriented (somatic) coaching.  I believe that coaching is a co-creative , collaborative process which allows for the clients’ own inspiration and potential to arise.  Body oriented or somatic coaching is a person centred approach which acknowledges the fact that we are more than just our thoughts and our brains, and instead integrates our whole-bodied experience of life. 

Our sessions won’t appear too dissimilar from a traditional coaching session.  They won’t be solely focusing on mindset, goal setting and limiting beliefs, (as traditional coaching techniques tend to) but instead using a more holistic, whole-bodied approach.  


Find Fulfilment:  a 4 month bespoke 1-2-1 coaching experience 

  • 8 x 60 minute sessions of bespoke coaching together over 4 months: 
    • We will start off with an initial session where we dive into discovering where you are right now, what lights you up and what fulfilment and ambition looks like for you on your terms.  
    • We will usually meet weekly or biweekly after this for 6 sessions – depending on what suits your situation best.  
    • I may offer practices or resources for you to work with between sessions  as appropriate. 
    • We then have a final session a few weeks later to complete our work together and allow you to integrate and move forward.  
    • Each session might look different, but helps you to find clarity, develop new insights and cultivate self trust to support you to take action that feels right.
  • Monthly review process to help you to reflect and integrate further 
  • First access to any upcoming online workshops or classes.

Your investment:  £520 or two payments of £260

Other payment plans available on request.  

BOOK A Call to Discuss working together

Want to find out more? 

What happens next? 

We have a chat together, either on the phone or by zoom to get to know each other, and discuss your current situation.  If we both feel that we are a good fit for this work and you would like to go ahead then I will send you over details of how to book your first session.

If I don’t feel that I can offer you what you need,  then I will happily let you know and suggest some other avenues or practitioners. 

There is never any pressure on these calls. It’s really important to me that I’m working with the right people, rather than work with lots of people, and I would always encourage you to take the time to reflect and consider, rather than rush into working together if this is what you need.

If you have any questions at all, I’m very happy for you to email me. 


Before working with Rachael, I was struggling to gain the momentum I needed to work through the Christmas season in my handmade jewellery business after a few months of slow down. Our 3 months working together meant I was able to work through the Christmas period, ramping up and then slowing down when needed. My sessions brought a clarity that enabled me to move through rising anxieties and tap into my intuition. 


“Rachael, you have provided me with such a supportive, safe space that I felt I could open up and discuss anything that was on my mind that week. I felt as though you were never judgmental and honoured me where I was at on that day.

I feel much more in tune with myself and feel as though I can embody my values into my daily life”

Kirsty L

I have given myself permission to look after me first…you can see the transformation…I feel proud of how far I have come

Amy L