Somatic coaching helps you to reconnect to yourself.  

To find what you truly want and need  

To come home to your body

The word “somatic” means ‘relating to the ‘soma’’ which is often defined as “the living body in all it’s wholeness”. 

I like to think that the term “somatic” refers to how our whole human experience – including the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological –  unfolds through our bodies, via our movement, sensation, posture and emotion.  

Somatic coaching helps you to come home to your body, your mind, and your whole being.  

This work can help you make big life changes, or it can give you gentle support through challenging times – it is here to give you what you need.  




Through somatic, body-oriented coaching, I can support you to identify what you want from your life and make lasting, embodied change.  

Through gentle exploration, compassion and attunement with your self and your body, you can experience the energy, the clarity and the change that you are looking for.  

By working with your natural energetic ebbs and flows and your body’s own wisdom, you can find your own sense of connection to yourself and the world around you.  

This means that you have more to give to the important things in life – your family, your purpose, your work. 



Somatic coaching can also help you to learn how to safely explore, experience and discharge emotions you may feel are held in the body.

 For example, you might experience feeling physically “stuck”,  which could be a physical manifestation of feeling unable to move forward with something in your life.  

This work gives you the tools to befriend your own nervous system so you can feel calmer, safer and able to regulate your experiences and emotions without becoming overwhelmed.    




The whispers of your body are there to be heard – even if you have been ignoring them for years

“Embodiment is the key to lasting change” 


What happens? 


We work together, usually for 3 or 6 months, or sometimes for shorter periods of time, to discover what you want from your life and support you in making this happen. 

It may be about huge shifts and big change or it might be a gentle nudge and slowly exploring and enjoying life – it’s up to you.  

Coaching is about supporting you to find the answers you need from inside of yourself.  I don’t tell you what to do – I am here to create the container for change to arise and support you through this process.  

Somatic coaching goes deeper than just talking, deeper than mindset work and deeper than goal setting and action plans. 

Using a toolbox of enquiry, movement, embodiment practices, somatic writing and meditation, alongside traditional coaching techniques where needed, I support you to find the answers inside of yourself by unlocking the deepest wisdom of your body,  so that you can move forward in a way that is truly aligned with you.  It is truly embodied, transformative and bespoke.  


What happens in a session?

Sessions are online using Zoom, and usually 60 minutes, with the exception of our first session which may be up to 90 minutes.  

You can do the sessions anywhere you feel comfortable.  

Some of the sessions will include movement, meditation, somatic enquiry techniques or writing – but you are never asked to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing and we will discuss together what feels right for you. 

I also offer Focusing, which is a powerful “practice of allowing our bodies to guide us to deeper self-knowledge and healing” through our physical experience.  

Sometimes I may offer suggestions for things you might find helpful to explore between sessions, such useful resources to read, meditations, movement experiments, journalling.  These suggestions are always optional extras, and there is no pressure to complete anything following a session.  


Hello there, I’m Rachael….I help you to slow down and find space through the wisdom of your body, so that you can feel calmer and more connected



All sessions currently take place online. If you are interested in working together and  you want know more about how I can help you slow down and find some space through somatic coaching  then I’d love to have a chat – you can book a 15 minute call with me via the link below, or alternatively feel free to email me first if you have any questions.  

I currently am booking clients to start in February/March