Private, one-to-one sessions are ideal if you are looking for a more bespoke approach.  

This isn’t a private yoga class (although there might be some yoga involved)  – I provide a somatic focused approach, using my years of experience in multiple modalities to provide an entirely bespoke programme to support you to achieve your aims – using somatic movement, yoga, breath work, mediation, nidra, and coaching tools where appropriate, amongst some other things.

I’ve helped clients move better, sleep better, perform better and stress less – and ultimately feel better in themselves.

I work with clients in this way for a minimum of 4 sessions (£280, payment plans available).  We will have an initial telephone conversation together to discuss your aims before our first session.  After the 4 sessions, you may choose to continue on a monthly retainer, or book ad-hoc sessions if needed, although for many people 4 sessions allows them to see the changes needed and they do not need further sessions.

Sessions can take place in a dedicated studio or therapy room in Chorlton, M21 or online over zoom. I can sometimes travel to your home for sessions, depending on location and availability.  Please get in touch to discuss.  

To enquire about availability and booking, please  contact me here

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Private Somatic Relaxation Sessions 

I like to think that the term “somatic” refers to how our whole selves (including the physical, emotional, and psychological) unfolds through our bodies – in our movement, sensation and posture.  Many of us have experienced carrying our stress in our bodies, whether that’s your tight shoulders, that niggling pain in your neck or being unable to sleep.   And you’ve probably realised that it’s often impossible to just “think” your way out of your stress – which is why a somatic approach is so necessary.  

If you have a busy mind and know that you need to de-stress and relax, but just can’t work out how  – then let me guide you.

In these 1 hour sessions, I will show you how you can soothe your nervous system and work with your stress responses to experience and embody a state of relaxation.

I will guide you to explore some gentle movement, meditation, breath work techniques, yoga nidra and embodied relaxation to allow you to experience the benefits of a regulated and relaxed way of being.

These sessions are co-created with you according to your needs and are entirely bespoke.

I will usually invite you to have a telephone chat or fill in a questionnaire prior to your first session.

These can be booked as a block of 4 (£280).

These sessions can take place online via video call, at a dedicated studio/therapy room in Chorlton, M21, or in your own home, depending on location and availability.

Contact me here to book your session or to ask any questions you might have.


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