I offer private one to one yoga sessions which are perfect for anyone who would like a more personalised approach. These aren’t for “just” yoga – some people prefer to use them for learning relaxation techniques, stress management, breath-work practices or rehab from injury.  I draw upon my wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to create a bespoke experience tailored to your needs.  

One to one sessions are also ideal for: 

  • Absolute beginners to yoga who want to start practising in a nurturing environment with extra support and attention to help them get accustomed to the postures, meditation and breathing and feel more confident in public classes 
  • People who find groups or public classes difficult – although I endeavour to keep my classes as, calm, welcoming and friendly as possible I am aware that for some people, public classes are too overwhelming and anxiety provoking. One to one classes can therefore be a good opportunity to practice yoga in a safe and comforting environment. 
  • Those who might have particular health needs or disabilities which mean they prefer a more individualised approach than a general class, or those with specific symptoms or health concerns who want to use yoga to help manage these.
  • Those who suffer with sleep problems or insomnia can benefit significantly from introducing yoga to their routine. I am able to offer a range of yoga, meditation and general wellbeing practices to help specifically with sleep, as well as sleep focused lifestyle advice. 

Private sessions are 90 minutes for the first session and are usually carried out in a quiet area of your own home or can be arranged in a private therapy room in South Manchester if preferred. However these are currently taking place on Zoom due to current lockdown restrictions.  Despite my initial scepticism, my experience over the past few months has found that Zoom works really well for one on one sessions.  

Your initial session is £65 for 90 minutes online via zoom.  After the initial session, if you wish to continue working together I offer a package of 5×60 minute sessions for £250 (to be used within 10 weeks, with a payment option of 2x £130 if you prefer).  

I can also provide private sessions for small groups (starting from £75 for 90 minutes for two people)

The first class usually involves some time to discuss your intentions and wishes for the sessions. I will usually ask you to complete a brief questionnaire prior to the first session so that I am aware of any underlying conditions and other relevant information. 

Depending on your requirements I would usually recommend committing initially to a minimum of 6 sessions together so that you are able to embed what you learn and gain best results, however I am also happy to work with you for one off or occasional sessions if you prefer. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you wish to book a private session. You can book your initial online session via the button below, but if you don’t find a time that suits, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to arrange a convenient time. 

If you want to book an in person private yoga session please contact me to arrange or book an initial call here to discuss.

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